PUPILS have created anti-stockpiling posters for display at city supermarkets.

Children at St Christopher's Primary School in Cowley drew up the posters in response to seeing empty shelves at shops, due to the coronavirus crisis.

Their work will now be taken to supermarkets in the area, including the big Tesco Superstore, in hope that they can go on display to deter panic-buyers.

Year 6 pupil Jessica Reed said: "I find it extremely unfair that some people get an excessive amount of food while others struggle to find enough."

Chloe White, also in Year 6, said: "It’s not fair that people are grabbing all the food and cleaning products. The elderly are being left behind."

Classmate Fidaus added: "It’s sad to say that the elderly and vulnerable will have to pay for other people’s selfishness."

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Pupils made the posters yesterday, decorating them with eye-catching colours, slogans and drawings.

One poster said: "Share the food, share the food, don't be rude.

"Share the love, up above.

"Don't get a lot, in a pot.

"Use soap, so you can cope and stay safe, you've got faith."

Teacher Julieann Exley, who led the task with colleague Alison Hook, said: "With the news being filled with such negativity it was a delight to see our children try and encourage some positive action.

"After a long discussion about the lack of supplies in supermarkets we decided to make some posters to encourage shoppers to behave sensibly and send some positivity out."

Children chose to use the slogan ‘spread the love not the virus’.