WEDDINGS are supposed to be the best day of your life, but for many it has turned into a nightmare as plans have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Stuart Grisbrooke and his fiancee Jade Lewis, who are both from Oxford, were supposed to get married on April 12 but were left heartbroken after their wedding venue Worton Hall cancelled.

The venue in Cassington has closed and cancelled all weddings taking place until May 4.

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The couple are now rapidly trying rearrange for a date next year, but don't know how much their insurance will cover them.

Mr Grisbrooke, who is 28, said: "We are both heartbroken and ultimately unsure what to do next.

Oxford Mail:

"We’ve had both our hearts set on this date and never thought anything like this would ever happen to us."

The couple, who have been together for more than three years, saved up thousands of pounds and had also taken out a large loan from the bank to help cover the costs of their wedding plans.

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But despite having taken out wedding insurance two years ago, they are unsure how much they are covered.

Mr Grisbrooke, who works full-time as a telephone engineer and part-time as a volunteer police Special Constable, said: "Jade suffers from stress and the past few weeks she has had it really bad. She’ s not sleeping very well.

"I strongly believe that the government advising people not to go out or attend events is not ideal for those who have weddings and events booked."

Worton Hall said that all couples are being offered postponement to a future date and those who are unable to postpone are being refunded in full.

Luckily the couple have managed to reschedule their wedding at Worton Hall for next May.

Mr Grisbrooke said: “We will need to seek insurance claims for personalised gifts that are now no good due to the date. Needless to say we are excited for our new wedding date and now have lots more planning to do, but not as much.

“I know it’s a year later but we’re still together and that’s what’s most important.”

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Their honeymoon to the Canary Islands in May is still going ahead and they would only get a full refund if the FCO cancel flights to Spain.

Other couples are still in limbo about their big day.

Jonathan Metcalfe, 49, from Oxford and Kate Cook, 42, from Greatworth near Banbury, were due to tie the knot on June 6 in Greatworth but are considering calling it off as elderly relatives and guests live abroad.

Miss Cook said: “It’s been the happiest two weeks turning into the most surreal of weeks as the daily news unfolds and our wedding plans by the hour disintegrate.

Oxford Mail:

“We have still not cancelled, but have told all guests that we will be updating on a weekly basis.

“We don’t know if youngsters may be able to go ahead and not the vulnerable or elderly or if all of us will be in lockdown by then, so we really are stuck with a decision right now.”

Miss Cook is also worried her hen weekend in Malaga will be cancelled.