The government has today for the first time placed expectant mothers in the 'at risk' category. 

Scientifically, pregnant people haven't been proven to be at greater risk of experiencing severe symptoms of Covid-19 so far, but there is still a lot that remains unknown. 

But pregnant people are more likely to become severely ill with well-known strains of flu, because pregnancy suppresses the immune system. 

Therefore, pregnant women are asked to implement the social distancing strategy given today. They should avoid public places and unnecessary social contact.

However, a Chinese study says the virus does not spread from mother to baby. 

In today's press conference, Boris Johnson, whose partner Carrie Symonds is expecting a baby this spring, said: "The advice for non-essential social contact is particularly important for people over 70, pregnant women and for those with some health conditions."

This could mean that pregnant women will be told to stay at home for 12 weeks. 

Entire households are asked to self-isolate if one person displays coronavirus symptoms. 

Affected people should only go out to exercise at a safe distance from other and should not leave the house for food - asking relatives or friends to help them - unless absolutely critical.