STORES at Bicester Village have taken it upon themselves to close today despite the outlet's owners saying it is business as usual.

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New Balance has closed and staff say Lululemon, Ugg and Timberland have as well.

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New Balance says on a sign on its front window that the branch has shut for two weeks due to the coronavirus.

Other branches in America, Canada and Western Europe have also closed.

Oxford Mail: A sign on the window of sports store New Balance A sign on the window of sports store New Balance

Owners Value Retail said last week that there were no cases of coronavirus at the designer outlet.

In a statement it continued: "We are continuing to follow the daily official advice from Public Health England and our local health authorities."

A member of staff at Bicester Village, who has asked not to be named, said more than 15 employees at the outlet have quit their jobs because of the way management has dealt with the problem.

Oxford Mail: Pic by @RosabarrettPic by @Rosabarrett

He said: "It’s not that they (staff) want it to close, it’s more to have clarity. It’s the not knowing which is the issue. 

"People understand the fact that more people die in road accidents in the world than from this virus, but it doesn’t take away the responsibility of Value Retail. 

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"I know of 17 people who have resigned from their roles in the last two weeks due to VR handling of the situation and being in fear of getting the virus. That says enough."

Value Retail closed its French outlet, La Vallée Village, yesterday which is located in Disneyland Paris which is also now shut.

A statement on its website says: "In order to ensure the health and safety of our guests, staff and brands employees, and adhering to the protocols implemented by the French Government, La Vallée Village will be closed temporarily as from Sunday 15 March 2020."

We have contacted Value Retail asking why some of the stores at Bicester Village have closed today.