YOUNG people in Witney are set to benefit from an injection of funding.

Witney Town Council has announced that a £30,000 fund will go towards sustainable youth work and services.

Last year, the council held meetings with professionals from youth service providers and consulted with young people through a survey to identify problems in the town.

Based on the information gathered, the council resolved to set a budget to support projects working with local children and young people.

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Councillor Luci Ashbourne, chair of the youth services working party, said: "Young people and their lives are shaped by, and help shape, our community as a whole.

"Government cuts to local authorities, schools, policing and mental health services have had a significant detrimental impact on the support and services available for children and their families.

"As a grassroots authority, Witney Town Council has the ability to help understand, bring together and share - visually and accessibly - what the town's offer is: from birth to adulthood, in terms of recreation, leisure and learning, to open access and specialist support.

"Knowing this will also enable us to know where the gaps are, to look for solutions, and indeed to help positively promote the lives of a generation and beyond."

Oxford Mail:

The council will also be working alongside agencies at Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) as part of the project.

Meanwhile, WODC councillor Jake Acock has put forward a motion which could see a grant scheme give funds to start projects, focussing on people aged under 25.

The grant scheme will allow anyone who works or lives in West Oxfordshire the chance to apply for up to £20,000 a year, out of a £50,000 budget, to pilot new schemes which will benefit young people.

Oxford Mail: West Oxfordshire District Councillor Jake AcockWest Oxfordshire District Councillor Jake Acock

Mr Acock said: "Since 2013, youth services and children centres have had their budgets slashed, leaving most services and centres with little option but to close.

"We should be investing in our young people, not putting them at the bottom of the pile for funding.

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"I'm trying to tackle the spite of anti-social behaviour we have seen in Witney.

"It's all about community action and changing people's ideas on young people, and in April I hope this can go forward and by May it can be in action.

"The public response has been overwhelmingly in favour of investing in youth funding.

"People in Witney realise young people have nothing to do in the town.

"I'm a young person myself and and I want to give back to the young people in West Oxfordshire.

"In the next local elections, investing in young people will be a key issue, but I hope that all parties can get behind me and support this."