A MEETING of environment campaigners were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough on Friday night.

Almost 100 people met at the Woodstock Community Centre to attend an Extinction Rebellion meeting.

David Baldwin, a co-ordinator for Extinction Rebellion, said: "It was a standard Extinction Rebellion talk called 'heading for extinction' which we held in Woodstock.

"The first part of the talk is scientific evidence and the second part is examples of non-violent protest that Extinction Rebellion advocates.

"All sorts of different questions were asked.

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"We are a movement of movements so we're trying to partner with other groups at the moment.

"We're trying to raise awareness of a pretty desperate situation - we can't carry on as we are.

"We're heading for extinction so the idea is to get people in and involved."

The meeting assessed how to tackle climate change and Mr Baldwin said that the Duke 'acknowledged the crisis and the urgent need for action to prevent runaway climate change'.

Another meeting will be held in Witney today at Burwell Hall, starting at 6.30pm.