Happy International Women’s day.

Today is all about supporting and celebrating the social, cultural and political achievements of women from across the world.

For over a century International Women's Day has been celebrated on March 8.

This year we are in search for the most inspirational women in Oxfordshire.

Here are the nominations we have had so far.

Stephanie Jenkins has nominated Nobel Prize winner Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin.

Ms Jenkins said: "I would like to nominate Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, the only British woman to have won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Oxford Mail:

"Here with her two plaques in Oxford: a round one from the Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board on her home at 94 Woodstock Road, and a hexagonal one from the Royal Society of Chemistry on the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory in Parks Road."

Julian Tranter has nominated Lydia Coppola. Ms Coppola is a mother of two children and one child is complexly disabled. She looks after her home and holds an important job as Supply Chain Director for Europe’s largest packaging company.

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Mr Tranter said: “She is an example of resilience, determination and what you can do if you put your mind to it. She is a completely normal person but a great example to all.”

Jennifer Smith has nominated Tina Hill from Marcham in Abingdon. Ms Hill will be 80 years old this month. She used to be a special needs teacher and now she volunteers for Oxfordshire's Parent Partnership organisation, 'SENDIASS', acting as an advocate for vulnerable children and their families.

Ms Smith said: “Her tenacity ensures that those who most need it are provided with the advice, guidance and moral support to work constructively with schools, social care and health providers, to try to ensure that children with special needs get the help that they need. Tina is clever, funny and kind. She is full of energy and despite the challenges of her own health, she always makes time for others.”

Laura Jones has nominated Wendy Jones and said: “I say Wendy Jones is a truly remarkable woman, mother, wife, grandmother, friend and colleague.”

Oxford Mail:

Wendy Jones has been a practice nurse at The Windrush Medical Centre for 24 years.

 Laura Jones said: “She knows all her patients and their families, and nothing is ever too much trouble or too timely. Her beautiful smile, nurturing nature, uplifting spirit and her excellent clinical knowledge and abilities makes her an amazing woman.”

She added: “Sadly, in 2012, Wendy lost her beautiful daughter Anna following complications from surgery. This unexpected trauma turned Wendy's life upside down. Some years on, I am, as I always have been, incredibly inspired by her strength and kindness. To see someone, have their heart shattered into pieces yet still have an abundance of love, care, and warmth for all those around her is heart-warming and a true testament to the human spirit.”

Angela Arnold has nominated her friend of more than 20 years, Doreen Palmer.

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Ms Arnold said: “I wish to nominate a good friend Doreen Palmer who for many years has helped to inspire many children through activities at Rainbow Guides and Beaver Scouts and takes a lead in other activities in the village where she lives including the community shop.”

Natalie Goldsmith has nominated her seven-year-old daughter Isabelle Goldsmith.

Isabelle was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital with rare birth defects including being born with her abdominal organs on the outside of her body and a rare heart condition.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Goldsmith said: “She has always shown incredible strength and determination to overcome the hurdles that her conditions have presented and leads a fantastically happy and fulfilled life despite her daily challenges.”

She added: “She is a huge advocate for the hospital and the staff that work there. Each year she is determined to find small ways to help the children who are looked after there. Last year she collected and donated over 40,000 stickers to give to the children after scary tests or procedures. This year she is raising money for Heart Hero teddy bears to give to children at the hospital who have a heart condition like her. Here she is meeting Prince Harry at the hospital last year and telling him how wonderful the hospital is.”

Ana Canhoto nominates 18-year-old Joana Baptista. Ms Canhoto describes Miss Baptisa as a multi-award-winning social-entrepreneur, activist and public speaker. Alongside studying for her Economics & Management degree at the University of Oxford she has created her social enterprise, She Dot, with the aim of reversing social prejudice and bridge the socio-economic gap for young women.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Canhoto said: “Her knowledge of young people has led to her becoming an advisor for the Institute for the Future of Work, which is formed within the House of Commons, and was fully funded by the US embassy to attend a female leadership and empowerment conference hosted by Harvard, Babson and Converse. Joana is a two-time TEDx speaker, with other notable talks including speaking at Facebook’s International Women’s Day 2018, for both Oxford and Cambridge University, and to HRH Princess Anne.”

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She added: “All around Oxfordshire, Joana has inspired school children to get involved in STEM subjects be that through workshops at local schools to organising a cross-county economics conference, supported by Visa. She is passionate about supporting the next generation and giving back to the community which helped her.”

Thank you for your amazing contributions of inspirational women across Oxfordshire. If you have someone you would like to nominate it is not too late, contributions can be made via the link below.