THE VICE-chancellor of Oxford University says it is prepared for the coronavirus to 'inevitably' hit Oxford.

In a message to all the staff at the university this afternoon , Louise Richardson added that Chinese and Asian students and staff have 'felt isolated' when they have been wearing face masks.

She said: "We are all aware that this is a highly infectious virus and that the number of cases in the UK, while significantly lower than in many other countries, is growing daily.

"It seems inevitable that we will have cases here in Oxford before too long."

Further down the email, seen by this paper, she added: "For the past several weeks, we have been preparing for an outbreak in Oxford."

Oxford Mail:

Before she explained that we needed to come together.

She said: "As we know, the outbreak of the virus initiated in China. Many of our Chinese and other Asian students and staff have felt isolated or even suspect, especially when wearing face masks. This is a time for us to come together as a community and to support not shun one another. "

It comes after Oxford MP Layla Moran urged the public to 'calm down' about coronavirus fears.

As it is the number of comfirmed cases of the virus in the UK has risen to 51, but this could change at any time.

Oxford Mail:

It comes after the Government released a four-point action plan to respond to Covid-19 yesterday.