ALL of Oxfordshire's residents will have to set aside more money from their wages for council tax from April.

Oxfordshire County Council and the five district councils have now all approved an increase in tax, with some of them opting for the highest hike they can make.

The rise is important at this time of year because the five district councils and OCC have decided what they want to spend money on and how much this will cost for ratepayers in 2020/21.

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But the local tax on homes is complicated, and how much residents pay overall depends on where they live in the county, as each district council sets its own rise in rates.

And while residents pay council tax in a single monthly sum to their district, a vast majority of it will go to Oxfordshire County Council, and another portion goes to Thames Valley Police.

Here is a guide to how much you’ll be paying, depending on where you live in the county.

Oxfordshire County Council and the police

Oxford Mail:

Oxfordshire County Hall

Oxfordshire County Council has announced an increase in council tax this year of 3.99 per cent.

This is the highest raise a council can make without having to ask local people to vote in a referendum and 2 per cent of this rise will go directly towards funding adult social care.

The council also spends tax on roads, and getting rid of rubbish.

Those who live in an average household, classed as band D, will pay £1,527.44 over the course of a year to OCC, or a £58.61 rise from last year’s amount, £1,468.83.

Meanwhile, Thames Valley Police will collect £216.28 in council tax from every average household in Oxfordshire in the next year.


Oxford Mail:

Oxford City Council's offices in St Aldates

With the above additions, the average house in the district covered by Oxford City Council will pay £2,063.56 over the year from April.

Oxford City Council raised council tax by 1.99 per cent this year.

The average house will pay £319.84 in the next financial year toward the city council.

This is an extra £6.30 on the £313.54. average house currently pays.

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West Oxfordshire

In West Oxfordshire, the average household will pay £104.38 to WODC from April, which is up from £99.38 last year.

Overall, the average West Oxfordshire resident will have to pay £1,848.10 in council from April, including contributions to police and OCC, the cheapest average area in the county.

Vale of the White Horse

Oxford Mail:

South and Vale council offices

In the Vale of White Horse district, the average household will have to pay £136.69 to the district over a year.

Overall the average Vale household will pay £1,880.41 including tax to the police and OCC.

South Oxfordshire

In neighbouring South Oxfordshire, the average household will pay £126.24 to the district, or an extra £5 on last year's tax.

Overall, the average SODC resident will pay £1,869.96 in council tax next year.


Oxford Mail:

Cherwell District Council's offices at Bodicote House.

In Cherwell District Council's area, the average household will pay £133.50 in 2020/21, up from £128.50 in 2019/20.

With the additional payments to OCC and the police this would add up to £1,877.28.

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Other additions

Areas with a town or parish council would also see a charge of approximately £90 added to bills.