A SCHOOL in West Oxfordshire which was 'evacuated' over coronavirus fears after a student who came back from Italy reported feeling unwell is open today.

On Wednesday afternoon an email was sent to parents saying Burford School was being closed for a 'deep clean'.

It stated a student at the secondary school had spent half term in Italy in an 'affected but not quarantined' area and had reported feeling 'slightly unwell' on Tuesday.

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The message, which was sent to parents just after 1pm, said: "The student is not currently in school and as a precaution, and following advice from Public Health England, the student has self-isolated."

It added: "As a result of this the school has made the decision to close, this will allow us to undergo a 'deep clean; and sanitation of the entire school."

A note on the school's website has now confirmed the student has tested negative for the virus.

It stated: "We have received confirmation that the student tested for Coved-19 has received a negative result and confirm that school will be open as normal on Monday morning."

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It comes after parents were also told to collect their children early on Friday from South Moreton Primary School due to fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

An email sent to parents said that due to 'instructions from ODST' (Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust), children were to be collected early to conduct a 'clean of the site'.

As with Burford School, this was taken as a 'precautionary measure in response to health symptons displayed by a child who has recently returned from the area of northern Italy broadly affected by coronavirus'.

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A primary school teacher in Woodley, Berkshire, meanwhile, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

In a letter to parents, seen by the Reading Chronicle, the Willow Bank Infant School said on Saturday it was informed that a staff member had tested positive for the virus now called Covid 19.

The letter said: “We regret to inform you that we were told today that one of our members of staff has tested positive for the Coronavirus, Covid 19.”

As of yesterday 11,750 people had been tested for the disease in the UK, of which 35 had tested positive.