THERE is the chance today to find out about plans to recreate traditional village life in the city.

Oxford Cohousing Group had been awarded a government grant to do feasibility work on sites in Oxford on which to build a cohousing community.

The idea of cohousing is to create an ‘intentional village’, with households being actively involved in managing the neighbourhood and sharing resources like garden equipment, a laundry, and cars.

Alongside 20-40 homes of various sizes there would be a ‘common house’ for meetings and eating together, with guest rooms for visitors.

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Homes would be designed to promote interaction between residents, and to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with shared green spaces, gardens for growing food, and a car pool.

Sarah Westcott, from the group, said: “Oxford Cohousing has been working for 10 years on this idea. Our recently awarded grant is enabling us to employ a firm of local architects – Transition By Design - and specialist advisers to search for suitable sites and assess their potential for a new sustainable neighbourhood."

There will be an open meeting today in Florence Park Community Centre at midday to find out more about the project.

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