It is the end of February, winter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner.

The theme for this week’s Camera Club was ‘signs of spring’. Lambs, ducklings and flowers battling the frost were all subjects of beautiful photography.

Pancake day was on Tuesday and Ian White has taken a picture of his grandson perfectly flipping his pancake and has captured the action shot mid-air.

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Spring is the season of new life and plenty of pictures of cute baby animals have been sent in.

Erin Pratley has taken an adorable picture of lambing season and Tony Steels has also taken a very cute picture of a duckling basking in the sun on the side of the river.

Another sleepy ducking picture was sent in by Allen Dannfald. He sent in a picture of Lily the pet duckling snuggling up to his daughter Jennifer.

Marian Payne took some great spring pictures on her trip to Longleat Safari Park and captured a deer showing off its best angle.

Anthony Morris captured a Kingfisher taking flight and Martin Pritchard has sent in a picture of a Pony in Exmoor.

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The Oxford Mail Camera Club have also sent in pictures of spring flowers battling to break through in the cold winter air.

Jane Halsall has taken a picture that highlights this theme and has sent in snowdrops covered in snow.

Christine Crook took a creative picture of a spring woodland and Becca Collacott beautifully captured blossom on a tree at Radley Lake.

Some members of Camera Club took the theme a little literally and took pictures of springs.

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Louise Hook sent in a picture of her little people working on a construction site and making the finishing touches to a spring. Julie Holt also had a laugh with the theme ‘signs of spring’ and sent in a picture of a road sign for ‘Spring Road’.

The theme for Camera Club next week is ‘dance’. Dancin’ Oxford will be continuing next week with dance workshops, shows and events making for great photo opportunities visit to find out more. This week’s winner will be announced tomorrow.