A ZEBRA crossing and speed bumps could be installed in Littlemore following concerns about drivers 'roaring' through.

Oxfordshire County Council is consulting on plans to build the crossing and a speed cushion in Oxford Road, near the junction with Swinbourne Road.

It also plans to build a flat top hump near the junction with Dudgeon Road.

According to minutes of the September meeting of Littlemore Parish Council, four residents from Oxford Road raised concerns about the cost of the project and the loss of parking spaces.

The minutes added: "[They] understand something needs to be done but [asked] why so drastic when no accidents or injuries [had been] reported on the road."

Oxford Road Action Group was set up some years ago to raise awareness of the problems.

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The January edition of the Littlemore Local, a newsletter printed by the parish council, also acknowledged that residents' opinion is 'divided' on the proposal.

It stated: "While some want an additional crossing point at any cost, others are concerned that the proposals will not adequately address the problems of the road, but will instead make some residents’ living environment worse.

"Please see the petition for a zebra not as something to divide the community into those for or against, but as an opportunity to make highways aware of concerns about the road.

"Like its neighbour Cowley Road, Oxford Road wasn’t designed for the weight of rush-hour traffic resulting from continued housing development, from its use as a rat run from Kassam Stadium and the A4074, and from the expansion of the hospital into an admin and education hub."

The letter added that the road is congested during rush hours but when traffic levels are low, 'drivers take the opportunity to roar through in both directions'.

Consultation is due to close on Friday next week, and opinions can be shared via consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk.