A NEW chief of children's services at Oxfordshire County Council could be paid up to £147,000 a year according to a newly posted job advert.

An online job advert posted on the Municipal Journal on February 24, a magazine for local government, is offering between £117,000 and £147,000 for a new corporate head of children's services at OCC.

The job advert said the council is looking for someone who can help 'achieve better outcomes' for vulnerable children.

It added: "We can’t hide the size of the challenge – but by the same token it is a big opportunity at the forefront of modern thinking in this area."

According to a senior council pay report, the director of children's services was paid £128,000 as of March 1, 2019.

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Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Chris Dyson said the council was committed to 'delivering outstanding services for children and young people.'

He said: "To attract a wide range of candidates with different skills and levels of experience, and recognising it’s a competitive marketplace for recruiting into senior leadership roles, we have offered a broad salary range in our job advert."

"The actual salary will be determined based on calibre and experience and an assessment of the current earnings of the successful candidate, and to ensure value for money."

The job has a history of responsibility for Operation Bullfinch, a joint effort between Thames Valley Police and OCC to deal with child abuse and grooming in Oxfordshire.

The job advert closes on March 27.