RESIDENTS who live in the OX25 area of the county woke up to no tap water today due to a pipe that had burst this morning.

The damaged pipe is in Ambrosden, near Bicester, and people who live in and around the area have been without water all day.

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Thames Water has distributed bottled water to customers with bottles available at The Garrison Centre on Ploughley Road.

The water company says its team is fixing the pipe and apologises for the inconvenience.

In a statement online it said: "We understand how disruptive this is, and are really sorry to those customers who don’t currently have water.

"Our team are making progress with the repair, which involves removing a broken section, and replacing it with a new section. This is a challenging job as the pipe was buried under concrete which we had to dig through to reach it.

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"We are using tankers to add water to the pipes while we continue to work on the repair. This is helping gradually restore supplies to many of the affected properties in Arncott."

People have expressed how concerned they are particulary for the elderly.

Oxfordshire County Council is aware of the problem and urge people to stay up to date by going to Thames Water's advice page.