WORKERS at Cowley's car plant have quite literally embraced the new electric Mini ahead of its launch next month.

One of the new electric models has been on display all week at Templars Square shopping centre in Cowley, as part of a wider exhibition run by Mini enthusiast Tanya Field.

Colleagues from the plant visited on Tuesday and demonstrated their affection for the car, throwing their arms around the bonnet.

Today is the last chance for shoppers to view the display inside the centre, which features 10 cars both old and new.

The exhibition includes a 1960 Austin Mini Countryman, Mini police van, 1968 Mk2 Cooper, 1963 Wolseley Hornet, 1990 Mini Cooper S, Mini Clubman, Mini Pick-up, Mini Mayfair and a 2001 Mini Cooper.

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The new Oxford-built electric Mini is the centrepiece, courtesy of the Cowley plant.

Members of the public can attend for free and can chat to car owners and read information about the factory's history.

Some of the owners of the Minis will also be on hand to answer any questions, between 8am until 6pm.

The all-electric Mini has been the subject of much excitement, and the models will land in show rooms from March.

They will be hitting the roads at the same time, with customers who have pre-ordered their cars expecting deliveries from next month.

The car was first unveiled at the factory in July, to coincide with 60 years since the very first Mini rolled off the production line.

BMW promises that the Mini Electric is 'instantly recognisable' as a three-door Mini hatchback, and offers the 'design and go-kart handling' synonymous with the brand.