A THUG who sprayed toilet cleaner over his girlfriend's head during an explosive drunken rage has been jailed.

A court judge said Felix Doughty 'totally humiliated' his partner during the savage night of violence which included threats he would kill her.

The shocking rampage also saw the 27-year-old of Thorney Leys put his hands around the woman's neck and hurl a brick into her car window as she sat inside.

Abusive Doughty had already admitted one count of administering a noxious substance, one count of battery and two of causing criminal damage.

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Outlining the case at Oxford Crown Court today prosecutor Matthew Knight said Doughty had been in a relationship with the woman for some seven months before the incident on December 22 last year.

Both the victim and Doughty had been out the night before and when she arrived at her Witney home in the early hours she received a message from her partner asking her to pick him up.

After receiving the message at about 4am she refused to collect him, and not long after she heard a knock at the door.

Prosecutors said the knocking became 'increasingly aggressive' to the extent a glass panel was cracked.

Frightened, the woman opened the door in a bid to calm Doughty down.

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Soon after the woman asked Doughty to leave and when he refused she went to her vehicle in the hope he would think she had left.

He then messaged her falsely claiming he had swallowed half a bottle of bleach so she called for an ambulance.

Doughty came out of the house and it was then that he exploded into violence.

He first threw a brick at the car window, smashing it and causing her to suffer cuts from the shards of glass, before 'frog marching' her back in to the house, holding her by the neck.

Once inside the violence continued and Doughty repeatedly told the woman he was going to kill her.

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While she was taking a shower Doughty found toilet cleaner which he 'squirted' at her, over her head and over her body.

He then threw shampoo at her and told her to get out of the shower and remove her clothing and lie on the floor, and if she got up he would kill her.

The police arrived and the woman ran out the house.

In mitigation at today's sentencing hearing his defence barrister Peter Du Feu said his client was 'thoroughly and genuinely ashamed' of his actions.

He said: "It was appalling behaviour.

"He has acknowledged just how upset and traumatised his partner would have been and how unforgivable his conduct was that night."

He added that Doughty had a 'chronic gambling problem' and in the run up to the violence he had lost money gambling and had been in a bad mood.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC jailed Doughty for a total of 17 months.