THE father of a teenager, who died 16 years ago after hitting the same Littlemore metal barrier where a motorcyclist was killed last week, has said there is ‘no need’ for it to be there.

Arthur Allen got in touch with the paper following an appeal for witnesses by Thames Valley Police, which said a man in his 30s had died after being ‘seriously injured’ when he crashed into the Long Lane gate at around 11.10pm last Monday.

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His white Mini Moto motorcycle was travelling west when it hit the metal barrier, which is there to prevent access from vehicles.

For Mr Allen, it brought ‘flooding back’ the November night in 2004 when his son David was killed after his moped crashed into the same railing. He said: “I know how the family of the latest casualty feels. This gate is very poorly lit, the street lighting is up in the trees and it limits the light. I go every year to that gate, except last year, and it has never been repainted until recently.”

Oxford Mail:

David Allen

He added: “It is only in circumstances like this that people hear about it. You don’t hear about the injured who have had a few bruises after hitting this gate – I wonder how many there have been?”

An inquest into the 16-year-old’s death in 2006 found David had died from a skull fracture and brain damage following his moped crashing into the barrier as he returned from a trip to Tesco in Cowley at about 10pm on November 20, 2004.

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At the time his parents said they feared there would be another tragedy if the barrier, which signals the end of the cycle path and the start of Long Lane, was not removed and replaced by bollards.

Mr Allen said: “Its been over 16 years since I lost my son, the pain never goes away and then you hear that it is all happening again and that dreaded night comes flooding back. I really do feel for the family.

"I have been there and it’s a hard fight, one that you will never win, will never be able to come to terms with no mater how much time passes.

“I now wonder how long it will be before some one else dies.

Oxford Mail:

"There is no need for that gate if you look a few yards away there are posts stopping vehicles going under the subway. Why can't the same be done where these gates are?”

A spokesman for Oxford City Council said the authority’s commercial firm Oxford Direct Services was only responsible for ‘the maintenance of existing gates' under an agreement with Oxfordshire County Council.

He added: “We understand that last week’s tragic incident is under investigation and are therefore unable to comment about the potential removal of the gate.”

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A county council spokesman said: “We have visited the site with the police and found no maintenance issues with the gates or lighting. However the police are investigating the fatality and the circumstances of the incident and this, and whether any action is required, will be considered and decided by the coroner.”

Anyone with information about the most recent crash is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 1518 (17/2).