Following a week dedicated to love the theme for this week’s Oxford Mail Camera Club was ‘family’.

People have sent in their snaps from family outings, parties and pictures of families in the animal kingdom.

Dogs are a man’s best friend; they are our pets and part of the family and they have featured in a few pictures this week.

Piers Burnell sent in a picture of a little girl and her pet dog and Derek Bird sent in a picture of his family and their dog taking a rest on a windy walk.

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Victoria Wingrove decided to get creative while walking her pet dog. She sent in a picture of her dog posing next to the word family spelled out using twigs.

The pictures from this week capture the most important moments with family members and this includes parties.

Danielle Shepherd sent in a great picture of a grandfather celebrating a birthday surrounded by his grandchildren all in party hats. Stephen Pimm captured his family dancing at his sister’s wedding reception.

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Steve Fisher sent in a picture illustrating the love shown between a brother and sister. His picture shows Mr Fisher’s dad giving his sister a hug at his surprise 90th birthday party.

Camera Club have been enjoying their family outings. Charlotte Hickman sent in a picture of her family on a day trip to the seaside.

Ian White has taken a picture of a family outing on the river rowing on the Thames at Folly Bridge.

Ian Marriot’s picture shows the family’s wellies all lined up ready to go on an outing.

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There were many pictures of animal families this week from swans and ducks to a family of lemurs all snuggled up.

The winner of this week’s Oxford Mail Camera Club will be announced in tomorrow’s paper.

The days are getting longer, and flowers are starting to show, so the theme for next week is ‘signs of spring’.

Tuesday is pancake day so if you have any pictures flip them our way to join the 'signs of spring' theme.

Post pictures to the Camera Club Facebook page.