A 'BRILLIANT' and 'gifted' Oxford University student took an overdose in her student room hours after chatting to her friend about mental health.

Ahyoung Cho, from Oxford, died on May 3 last year after taking a toxic overdose of unprescribed medication.

The first year philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) student was living in accommodation at Harris Manchester College on Mansfield Road in Oxford, after a stint in Cambridge when she moved from her home in South Korea.

At an inquest into her death on Wednesday it was revealed how the 23-year-old had been up until 1.20am the night before talking to a friend about fashion and mental health – a 'positive' conversation.

Darren Salter, the head coroner for Oxford, said that later that day another friend went to her room after getting concerned that they hadn't heard from her.

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When they got inside they found her face down with medication on the table nearby.

They left her room to get some help, and after CPR attempts from staff at the college she was pronounced dead by paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service at 4.48pm.

Reports from her GP were also read out at the investigation.

Despite her never having booked an appointment with the doctor, which she had signed up to in 2018, they had reached out to her after she was taken to A&E for overdosing three-months before.

In hospital she had told staff it was a 'drunken mistake' and that she wasn't suicidal.

She had been marked as 'low risk' and the GP had asked her to come in and have a chat, but she never got in touch.

Mr Salter said they would have done more with the benefit of 'hindsight'.

He ruled that there was no third party involvement, and that the cause of death was officially toxicity adding: "Ahyoung made the decision to take her own life and the conclusion is suicide."

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Her college paid tribute to the 'compassionate listener' who made a 'big impact on a small college'.

Professor Jane Shaw, the principal of the college, said: "Ahyoung Cho was a brilliant and gifted undergraduate who had a big impact on our small college community in the short time she was with us.

"Ahyoung was a very popular member of the college: she was a truly lovely person, a compassionate listener, a kind friend to many.

"She bought a sense of dedication and joy to all that she did.

"Ahyoung is much missed by all of us in college, and we offer our condolences and sympathy to her family and friends."

One of her tutors on the PPE course at the college added: "Ahyoung was an incredibly talented, intelligent and congenial student and was genuinely a pleasure to teach and know."

A recording of the inquest on Wednesday will be available to her family who live in South Korea and other parties who couldn't make it to the inquest in person.

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