A HUGE tree that crushed a home during extreme storm conditions has been crane-lifted from the roof.

The true extent of destruction at Pebble Hill mobile home park has been exposed, after the hefty trunk and a tangled mess of branches were heaved out of the way.

Last week the Oxford Mail reported on how grandmother Lorraine Ayres had a miraculous escape, after the tree smashed through her home while she was inside.

It toppled during Storm Ciara, on the Sunday before last, completely crushing several rooms and rendering it inhabitable.

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Miss Ayres's friend Mike Wiggins said: "She sure had a lucky escape - I would guess one large section of the tree trunk would have weighed about five tonnes."

The tree was removed on Monday and was reduced to a pile of logs, but it has left a lasting impact.

A trunk-shaped impression has torn through the entirety of the structure, effectively splitting it in two.

Kind-hearted strangers and loved ones of Miss Ayres, 67, have raised almost £1,200, to help her get her life back on track after losing her home.

Oxford Mail:

The damage before the tree was removed. Pics: Leanne Higgs

It could take a while for the insurance to come through, and she is currently having to stay with her daughter Leanne Higgs in Oxford.

Miss Higgs, writing on the JustGiving page, said her mum's life 'changed forever' when the storm hit.

She said: "Her beautiful home she has worked so hard for and built into her own little paradise, that she wanted to live in for the rest of her life, was completely destroyed inside and out.

"She was at home when it happened and we are so thankful she survived."


The park is run by Vale of White Horse District Council, which manages the trees.

In updates shared on the fundraising page this week, Miss Higgs offered thanks.

She said: "I can't express how grateful Mum is for the support, messages and money donated. We are so lucky to still have our Mum!

"There are a lot of people in the world going through so much worse, yet you have all shown compassion to Mum's situation - thank you all so much.

"In many ways mum is so lucky, but right now that's hard for her to see.

"She is living with the trauma of what she went through."

To donate, visit justgiving.com and search for 'Leanne Higgs'.