A CONVOY of police cars and a black van were seen travelling through Oxfordshire today, with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

Curious witnesses have taken to social media speculating that officers were escorting royalty or even a high-risk prisoner this afternoon, though police were unable to comment.

One person, posting on the Spotted Witney Facebook page this evening, saw the vehicles zoom through Woodstock at 4.05pm.

The post added: "[There were] 6 police cars all with sirens on followed by a large black van also with its sirens on, all speeding down the main high street."

Several others saw the formation at locations across Oxfordshire, as early as midday.

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Another woman, posting on another Facebook page, said: "I saw them in Abingdon and up by Berinsfield at lunch time.

"[There were] 3 police cars and a van. One car was out front, and the other two either side of the van. I wondered what they were doing as had the blues and twos going.

"They seemed to be protecting the van, as the lead car kept speeding off and coming back, and the others didn’t seem to be going very fast.

"I followed them through the 50mph bit past Nottcutts and they just seemed to keep to the speed limit."

Another said she had seen the convoy passing through Banbury at 4.40pm, while someone else had spotted them in Abingdon at about midday.

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One man saw them travelling through Woodstock at about 4pm.

A similar sight - police cars surrounding a blacked-out van - was spotted travelling through Hull on Thursday.

Humberside Police told Hull Live that it was just for a 'routine training exercise'.

Thames Valley Police was contacted for further information about the operation in Oxfordshire, but was unable to find out what the police presence was regarding.

Large convoys are often used when escorting:

  • High-profile prisoners or people awaiting well-publicised trials
  • Senior politicians
  • Royalty
  • Hauliers carrying an 'abnormal load'