A MAN accused of repeatedly raping a child told jurors he 'never did anything bad' and he was physically disabled at the time.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - maintains that she was sexually abused numerous times over a period of nearly ten years in the city.

Restito Quiatchon is currently on trial at Oxford Crown Court accused of a string of offences alleging rape and sexual assault.

The 57-year-old of Spenlove Close, Abingdon, is charged with nine counts - four counts of rape, three sexual assaults, assault of a child by penetration and sexual activity with a child.

The offences are all alleged to have taken place in Oxford over nearly a decade, beginning in the mid-2000s, and involved one child, who is now a woman.

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As his trial continued today Quiatchon, speaking with the aid of a Tagalog interpreter, took to the witness box for the first time.

He told jurors he was a former councillor in his native Philippines and that he moved to Oxford in June 2003, where he later worked as a nursing assistant at the Churchill Hospital.

Asked by his defence barrister Alistair Grainger if he had sexually abused his alleged victim Quiatchon said it 'never happened.'

Quiatchon went on to tell jurors that during the time of the alleged sex abuse he had suffered from mobility issues.

He claimed a hip problem led to him having a limp and when asked about his sex life during this time he said he 'didn't have the capacity to do the proper, normal way'.

Jurors also heard this morning that during his interview with police about the charges Quiatchon denied any wrong-doing and said he was 'shocked and upset' by the allegations.

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Asked today if he was responsible for any of the alleged crimes he faces he told jurors: "I didn't do anything bad."

During cross examination prosecutor Stephen Shay put to Quiatchon: "I understand that your case is that you didn't have sex with [the victim].

"But you seem to be going further and saying that because of your bad hip it would be physically impossible to have sex with her?

"If it was physically possible for you to work as a nursing assistant it would be physically possible for you to have sexual intercourse with a little child, would it not?"

He replied: "No because that is different."

Quiatchon also denied being 'often alone' with his victim, an assertion he said was 'untrue.'

He told jurors that he had kissed the woman once 'on the cheek' and he went on to deny touching her inappropriately or finding the girl sexually attractive.

Mr Shay asked Quiatchon if he had treated his victim 'as your girlfriend', to which he replied: "No that is not true."

Quiatchon denies all the charges and the trial continues.