AN EXTRAORDINARY video shows waves lapping on the shore with flotsam and jestam bobbing up and down - in the middle of central Oxford.

The clip was filmed today at Oatlands Road Recreation Ground just off Botley Road.

The playing field, which has a large playground at one end, is complete submerged under a massive 'inland sea' created by rainwater flooding from Storm Dennis this weekend.

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And unbelievably, despite the entire field being under water, two brave girls in wellington boots are still cavorting on the play equipment in the knee-high water.

Oxford Mail:

Oatlands Road Rec often floods after heavy rain, but the level of the water today is unusually high.

The Environment Agency has now issued four flood warnings for Oxfordshire, urging residents to take urgent action to protect family, pets and property as rivers across the county spill their banks and the flood waters continue to rise.

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