BABY-CHANGING signs at the Westgate Centre have been replaced after shoppers said they promoted inequality and gender roles.

The old signs, which were tacked on the walls around the shopping centre, appeared to show a woman, in a dress, crouching over a baby as she changed a nappy.

Oxford Mail:

But the new posters, which have been spotted in place of the old ones, instead just direct people to where the facilities are.

Oxford Mail:

The posters first sparked debate when Hada Moreno shared a picture of them on Twitter saying: “Westgate Oxford shopping centre. Please reconsider these posters! Equality?”

Whilst some people made light of the ‘snowflakes’ – a term used for people who are easily offended, others said the sign sent the ‘wrong message’ and ‘genderised’ the roles of a parent.

Read about the debate in full.

Ms Moreno said it was good that the shopping centre had acted to fast, adding: "In reality there have been lots of positive comments regarding the Westgate Oxford great facilities.

"This exercise has no right answer though, I didn't expect such a response for this diversity debate."

The Westgate Centre has been contacted for a comment.