The unnecessary death of TV Presenter Caroline Flack has saddened the people of Oxford. Her death is linked with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) pursuing a Politically Correct Policy of making a public example of anyone accused of Domestic Violence. Even the alleged victim did not support the prosecution and had disputed the CPS version of events.

Despite lacking the support of the alleged victim, the CPS used the Courts to ban the couple from seeing each other. If the couple had been permitted to meet, they would have kissed and re-established their relationship.

Ms Flack was terrified. She felt alone. She was removed from TV Presenting and was publicly vilified on Social Media.

How can society stop its Public Institutions from pursuing Political Correct persecutions rather than applying the principles of impartial Justice? (OM 17/02)



Once again there is disruption in Oxford regarding road works, causing annoyance and frustration to commuters and bus drivers.

I am bringing the focus to the Stagecoach S1 and S2 routes.

Some passengers are bringing their frustrations to the drivers and blaming them for the dire situation, but our drivers are some of the best and most courteous drivers in the fleet.

Let us give them a pat on the back and thank them for getting us to our destination safe and sound.



Your readers need to be aware that an ‘intervention’ to offer an alternative to the current railway crossing in the London Road was never going to be part of the recently announced Phase 2 of the East West Rail which gives direct services to Milton Keynes and Bedford. However, Network Rail has agreed to carry out signal improvements at the London Road crossing at the commencement of Phase 2 to help reduce the ‘barrier-down’ time.

In the longer-term it is recognised that there has been previous work on alternatives to a crossing by Oxfordshire County Council, including options for an underpass and overbridge. The East West Rail Consortium have given monies to progress the necessary work on delivering a business case for a solution to allow for a good transport access to the town centre in the future. This has been done in recognition of the need to develop a solution that will have both local and strategic benefits, particularly Bicester’s growth.

In response to this recognition the County Council, and especially your County Councillors, will continue to work with local and strategic partners to build the case for a solution to the London Road crossing. It is clearly understood the next phase of the rail project, the extension to Cambridge and the east, will place additional pressure on the crossing. Any agreement to this will be contingent upon a solution to the London Road Crossing being approved and funded.





County Councillors for Bicester