A DRIVER who took an entire wheel off his trailer then carried on up the A34 through Oxfordshire was hauled up by police and slapped with a fine.

Thames Valley Police roads policing team tweeted the extraordinary tale yesterday.

The force said it caught the driver at Marcham near Abingdon after he had already driven 50 miles from Winchester.

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Officers quickly saw that one of the trailer's wheels had been taken off then simply strapped onto the top.

When they asked the driver what he thought he was doing he told the astonished police that he had taken the wheel en route because it was loose, then decided to carry on as it 'didn't look too bad'.

As the final nail in the coffin, the officers then also discovered that the vehicle was overweight.

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They immediately banned him from carrying on and slapped him with an on-the-spot fine.

The oficers did not say what had happened to the vehicle thereafter - or the chastened driver.