ALMOST £1,000 has been raised for a woman whose home was crushed beyond repair by a fallen tree.

As reported in Thursday's Oxford Mail, Lorraine Ayres escaped death after a tree smashed through her mobile home near Radley on Sunday.

The 67-year-old is now living with family following Storm Ciara's destruction, and it could take months for insurance to come through before she can think about rebuilding.

Her daughter Leanne Higgs has launched a JustGiving page and £810 has already been donated.

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She wrote on the page: "On Sunday, our mum's life changed forever.

"Her beautiful home she has worked so hard for and built into her own little paradise, that she wanted to live in for the rest of her life, was completely destroyed inside and out."

Miss Higgs asked if anyone could spare a donation to 'give her a start at rebuilding her life'.

She added: "Simple things like replacing her dressing gown...make up, electric toothbrush, her toiletries...will hopefully make her a little happier.

"We as a family would be forever grateful for any small donation."

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Miss Ayres, a grandmother of six, was making a cup of tea at the home in Pebble Hill when the tree collapsed.

The bathroom, where she had been just moments before, was completely destroyed.

Oxford resident Miss Higgs said her mum did not like to ask for help but that she had been 'absolutely devastated'

She added: "She now has to come to terms with the fact she has lost her home and most of her belongings. Plus also dealing with the nightmare she went through being trapped watching and hearing her home fall apart around her.

"She had years of precious memories that have all gone and can never be replaced."

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