'PROFESSIONAL beggars' are trying to scam kind-hearted Oxfordshire residents out of their money.

Police have warned that people pretending to be homeless are operating in the north of the county.

A post on the TVP Cherwell page this afternoon said: "We have noted that the professional beggars are back in the area.

"Please advise us if you see them about. Please donate to trusted charities that will distribute to those in need instead."

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People commenting on the post said they had seen people begging in Kidlington, Bicester and Banbury recently.

One Bicester resident, also commenting on Facebook, said: "I've given blankets and gloves to one guy then to see him buying champagne in Mark's and Spencer.

"I gave some bits to another lady and she was then spending in town.

"Now I find it really hard to trust [I] have always like to help the homeless so it's genuinely not fair now on the homeless that actually need help."