A GUITAR teacher has run along every street inside Oxford’s ring road in an energetic charity challenge.

Trev Williams spent months adventuring around the city, visiting every publicly-accessible road that has vehicular access.

He finally completed the challenge on Saturday, having set himself the task while training for an ultramarathon last year.

He said: "I do a lot of community running so for me this was a great chance to be by myself.

"Sometimes I made a mistake, missed a bit or did something twice.

"I mostly loved running up streets that don’t normally get runners, the quiet areas."

Mr Williams was in training for the 2019 Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones last year, a 100km ultramarathon along the Ridgeway.

Thanks to that run and the Oxford run combined, he has raised almost £1,000 for A Band of Brothers.

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The Oxford charity works to mentor young men who are or are at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.

Writing on his Virgin Money fundraising page, Mr Williams said: "I've suffered from mental health issues for many years and I totally believe and respect what this project is trying to achieve."

He said he favours 'weird running challenges' over generic races and setting personal bests.

In March last year, he ran the length of a marathon around The Oval roundabout in Rose Hill.

His housemate jokingly suggested he should then run every street in the city for his next challenge, and the idea grew from there.

Mr Williams is a member of Rose Hill Runners, and ran around the ring road during his training for Race to the Stones.

He said that 'set the boundary' and he then became intent on running every street inside of it.

Ultrarunner Rickey Gates attracted international coverage when he ran around every street in San Francisco, in 2018.

He covered 1,3000 miles over a 46-day period, inspiring runners around the world to 'Run Every Street' in their hometown or city.

Mr Williams said it is not sure if anyone else has ever completed the challenge in Oxford before.

He said he ran in both the 'posh' areas of the city and the estates, and would take photos of street names he thought were funny or unusual.

He added: "I loved Peppercorn Avenue and finding new areas like Park Town.

"Someone asked what I was doing when I took a photo of Pipkin Way - I explained, and she said it was named after her father, who was an old mayor of Oxford."

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He said the runs often made him 'dizzy and disoriented' due to the nature of the routes, but he would still recommend that other people try it.

Mr Williams added: "It’s been fun, but I’m also glad it's finished."

He finished off the feat with a 'loop marathon' on Saturday, which he jointly completed with members of Rose Hill Runners, GoodGym and Headington Road Runners.

GoodGym ran a five-kilometre 'loop run' around Rose Hill Community Centre on Saturday, and people who took part could run as many loops as they could manage, with breaks after every 10km.

Mr Williams and his supporters took part until they hit 42km.

He is a trainer at GoodGym Oxford, which combines exercise with community work.

Every week participants leave East Oxford Community Centre and run to somewhere that needs them, helping out with planting, digging or even someone's housework, before running back.

Anyone who wishes to donate to his cause can visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com and search for 'Trev Williams'.