DISASTROUS food and hygiene findings about a fast food franchise will remain a secret after a district council refused to publish the full report.

Following a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Oxford Mail, Vale of White Horse District Council declined to share a food hygiene inspector's discoveries about Subway’s Abingdon branch that received zero out of five rating.

The council said it could not publish the full report because it was carrying out ongoing investigations which could result in 'criminal proceedings'.

While the star rating from the food hygiene examination is in the public domain, the inspector’s exact findings were not published.

Low ratings by the taxpayer-funded public service could be based on anything from administrative errors to dangerous meat preparation, so the council’s refusal has only raised more questions.

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The Oxford Mail is regularly provided with food hygiene inspection reports from other Oxfordshire councils and so is currently in the process of appealing the decision.

Published in January, the summarised report revealed that urgent improvement was necessary for the Subway branch.

It was said that the restaurant’s food hygiene and safety standards were generally low, and that management had poor appreciation of hazards and control measures.

It also stated there was no food safety management system in place at the Marcham Road restaurant.

When the newspaper published the story on Subway’s low score, Abingdon residents took to social media to say they were not surprised by the verdict.