NEW leaders at an Oxford school have given parents two weeks to get their children's uniform in order.

The Oxford Academy in Littlemore wrote to parents today, advising that staff will be stricter with uniform enforcement as of February 25.

This gives pupils this week as well as half term next week to ensure what they wear to school is compliant with current rules.

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The letter added: "Your support as parents is very much welcomed and valued as we continue to improve the current standards at The Oxford Academy, and to ensure that we have a cost-effective, smart uniform that is followed consistently by all of our student body.

"If students choose not to wear uniform appropriately, they will risk being sent home to change until expectations for dress are met.

"This change will ensure even smarter standards of appearance from our students and crucially will mean that valuable staff time is not spent dealing with issues relating to school uniform.

"Our focus at The Oxford Academy is to educate and prepare young people for their adult years and develop an understanding of the expectations of the world of employment and further education.

"We all want the best for our young people and clear, achievable expectations for dress will give our students a positive impression going forward."

The secondary school was rated 'inadequate' last month and a team of new leaders were brought in to guide improvements.