A BEAUTICIAN hanged herself four days after calling the police to she she was suicidal, then denying it and saying it was because she was drunk, an inquest heard.

Charlotte Clarke was found barricaded in the bathroom of her home in Littlehay Road, Oxford, on August 29.

At her inquest at Oxford Coroner's Court yesterday evidence was heard that the 28-year-old had been suffering from anorexia and had been taking diet pills to suppress her appetite in the months before her death.

Following a referral from her GP in April, 2019, she was treated at Cotswold House, a specialist eating disorder service run by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, in May and diagnosed with anorexia.

A statement from one of her housemates, David Mason, said she had also been getting drunk more regularly.

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On August 25, following a night of heavy drinking, Ms Clarke called 999 and said she was feeling suicidal and wanted to hang herself.

A statement from PC Jessica Brandish, one of the officers who attended following Ms Clarke's call, said they found her upstairs in her bedroom and there was a potential ligature, but it was not tied.

She said Ms Clarke told police: "I'm fine. I'm drunk, you can go now."

The officer said the woman added she made a 'stupid mistake calling' and that both attending officers believed it was alcohol related.

Four days after this incident she shared images on Whatsapp with her best friend Anna Phillips of herself with a noose around her neck and made reference to 'not wanting to be here'.

A statement from Ms Phillips said she contacted Ms Clarke's family who called emergency services and rushed to the scene.

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Mr Salter recorded an open conclusion, meaning there was not enough evidence to say it was likely Ms Clarke had intended to kill herself.

He said her blood alcohol level of 146mgs put her just under double the drink drive limit, which was 'elevated but not massively so'. He added this may have played a role in what happened.

Speaking about the police call and visit on August 25, the coroner said: "Officers seemed to think it was not mental health related."

He said it 'could be difficult' to assess when alcohol was involved but 'given what was said on the call' he believed the right decision 'erring on the side of caution' would have been a safeguarding referral to mental health services. DC Emma Barras-Thompson, in her statement, said the two officers had been spoken to but no further action was taken.

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Following the coroner's conclusion the family said they thought the August 29 incident that led to Ms Clarke's death had been a 'cry for help' and she had not intended to kill herself.

Glen Clarke, who broke down the bathroom door to get to his daughter, said he believed she had 'made a mistake'.

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