AN OXFORDSHIRE couple have been stuck in Amsterdam since Sunday after Storm Ciara grounded their flight.

Charlotte and Adam Freeland, from Abingdon, flew out to The Netherlands to celebrate Mr Freeland's 30th birthday last Thursday.

They were due to fly back to the UK on Sunday night but after boarding the plane, their flight was cancelled due to the windy weather.

Now they are desperate to get home to their two-year-old son.

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Mrs Freeland, who is also today celebrating her 29th birthday, said: "Our flight was delayed for quite a long time but when we eventually boarded the plane it was rocking from side to side while on the runway.

"We were told to come off the plane and had to book a hotel for the night.

"We've mostly been in the airport, but from being in the plane the storm looked quite bad. We were all surprised they were allowing us to board the plane.

"Although it was annoying that we didn't fly, we were all relieved it was cancelled."

The couple, who were flying with British Airways, then queued up for three and half hours to get a hotel room.

They were then due to fly yesterday, but after a mix up with the dates on their boarding passes they missed the flight.

Mrs Freeland said: "We were sent to the wrong gate and ended up missing our flight.

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"The flight we were supposed to be on had left with our luggage onboard that morning and we had to rebook a flight again with BA."

Now, Mr and Mrs Freeland are due to fly back to Heathrow this afternoon at 2.15pm, the only flight available that had space for them, but it is currently delayed to 3.40pm.

Mrs Freeland is hoping to get home in time to spend some of her birthday with their two-year-old son.