KEIR Starmer has come out on top as the preferred candidate in another Oxford Labour branch.

Oxford West and Abingdon Labour Party chose Mr Starmer as its preferred candidate for leader on Thursday.

It also chose Angela Rayner for deputy leader, mirroring the outcome of a vote at the Oxford East Labour branch last Tuesday.

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Three rounds of voting took place for the Oxford West branch to choose its preferred candidate.

While Rebecca Long-Bailey took a lead in the first round, by round 3, the votes for Lisa Nandy had mostly migrated to Mr Starmer.

Ms Long-Bailey took 47.8 per cent of the final vote, while Mr Starmer took 52.2 per cent.

This was out of a total of 138 votes in the final round.

To make it onto the final ballot, leadership nominees need support from at least 33 Constituency Labour Parties.

Candidates also need to have gathered support from 22 MPs or MEPs, or backing from two affiliated trade unions.