A DRUG dealer caught after an undercover drugs bust has been ordered to pay back more than £700 of his ill-gotten gains.

To pay for the confiscated sum Leslie Ansah will have to surrender his 'designer trainers' which are valued at £517.50.

The 26-year-old of Park View Road, London, was jailed in July last year after he was caught as part of a 'classic county lines' drugs plot.

Together with his accomplice, Banbury man Nathan Moreby, he admitted charges relating to the supply of class A drugs at Oxford Crown Court.

Both men were caught as part of a Thames Valley Police undercover operation codenamed 'Joust'.

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That operation was targetting drug dealers operating across Banbury early 2018.

Ansah was recorded by an undercover police officer who went under the false name 'Albert' twice agreeing to sell him class A drugs.

Once the men were arrested further investigations found that Ansah had played a 'significant role' in a drugs line in the area using the name Darius Two.

Cash and digital scales were seized as part of a raid on his London address following his arrest.

Ansah was jailed for a total of four and half years and Moreby was jailed for 28 months.

At the same court on Friday a 'proceeds of crime' hearing was held, where the court decides what assets were gained as a result of criminal activity, and what should be confiscated as a result.

Prosecutor Jonathan Stone said that the total benefit from the illegal drug dealing totalled £1,017.70.

He said this represented £290 from the drugs, £210.20 in cash seized and a pair of designer trainers, valued at £517.50.

The total amount Ansah was made to pay back was £727.70, which was accepted by the court.