Didcot Power station's cooling tower will be blown up tomorrow between 7am and 9am.

This will be the final stage of the demolition.

UPDATE: Pictures of Didcot Power Station demolition as it happened

There will be an exclusion zone set up around the perimeter and the A4130 will be closed.

The exclusion zone will be larger than previous demolitions due to the height of the cooling tower.

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In August, thousands of people gathered early in the morning to watch the explosion.

At the last demoltion a piece of debris flew off one of the cooling towers, hit power cables and caused an explosion. 

RWE said a full investigation was ongoing, but the result of that investigation is yet to be revealed. 

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If you want to view the final demolition tomorrow, then head down to one of the great vantage points in Didcot.

Wittenham Clumps, Ladygrove Estate in Didcot and Great Western Park are all great places to get a glimpse of the explosion.