A GROUP of Polish revellers launched into a frenzy of violence at a town nightclub after getting into a fight with a group of Albanians.

A sentencing judge said yesterday it didn’t matter ‘wherever you come from’, groups of men getting into fights at nightclubs was 'completely unacceptable.'

Three men appeared at Oxford Crown Court to be sentenced for affray yesterday, and a warrant was issued for a fourth man who, the court heard, was out of the country in his native Poland.

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Having already pleaded guilty, Sebastian Mrozinski, 27, of Edward Street, Banbury, Kamil Kyrko, 27, of Waltham Gardens, Banbury and Pawel Krawczyk, 30, of Gatteridge Street, Banbury, were all sentenced for their part in the Banbury brawl.

Patrvk Wolowski, 19, of Ashby Court, Banbury failed to attend and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Outlining the case at the sentencing hearing prosecutor Cathy Olliver said the nightclub violence took place in the early hours of July 13 last year.

An earlier incident at Banbury's Moo Moo Clubrooms, High Street, was the catalyst for the brawl that followed.

The two separate groups - the Polish men and the Albanians - were each ejected after a bottle was thrown at one group member.

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Later, both groups went separately to Venus, Broad Street, where they again saw each other.

In CCTV footage shown to the court a sudden eruption of violence was seen to take place at about 2.30am inside the club. Punches appeared to be thrown and bodies hurled into each other as staff and customers fled the unfolding carnage.

The violence was shortlived and the security staff arrived to restrain the men, before the four men admitted affray.

In mitigation at yesterday's hearing defence barrister Gareth James - who represented all of the men - said they each regretted their actions and had been drinking.

Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly said getting into fights in nightclubs was 'completely unacceptable.'

He said: "Wherever you come from it makes absolutely no difference.

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"We can't have groups of men going around Oxfordshire going to nightclubs and getting into fights with each other.

"It doesn't matter if they are English, French, Albanian or Polish.

"When groups of people get into fights it causes great stress and discomfort to other people who may be present.

"It seems to me that it was your group who first approached the Albanians in the nightclub and then everything, to use the vernacular, kicked off."

Kyrko and Krawczyk were both handed a community order for 18 months to include 120 hours of unpaid work.

They must also each pay a victim surcharge and court costs of £400.

Mrozinski, who is subject to a European arrest warrant and will likely be deported, was jailed for six weeks.