Dear Sir,

You just can't believe the damage we have already done to this planet, our home.

Like spoilt children out of control with no rules: the rubbish we produce, the pollution we create.

Satellites in space tell us the true story of devastation, which is truly shocking, shameful and beyond belief.

You wonder how it could possibly come to this point, how many governments around the world have their heads in the sand?

It's all about money, greed. Our modern world is run like a business, but it obviously isn't working.

Many cities around the world are so densely populated, giant concrete jungles, there is little space for nature to breathe. We take and destroy; the natural world is becoming ghost-like, a faint heartbeat.

The information from the TV and newspapers paint a dark picture of humanity. We need to open our eyes, listen to the science, educate and take action.

If we damage our planet beyond repair then we will all pay the price.

Weather patterns are already changing; record-high temperatures, wild fire, floods, droughts... this is only the beginning, it will effect all life forms, which includes us.

The time for change is now, tomorrow may be too late.

Christine Friend

Harwood Road

East Hagbourne