RESIDENTS favouring fast food meals might want to hold off on sampling the new Subway menu following a disastrous food and hygiene report.

Subway’s Abingdon branch received a zero out of five rating when a Vale of White Horse District Council food hygiene inspector visited in December.

A report published by the district council on Wednesday revealed that urgent improvement is necessary for the branch.

It said that the restaurant’s food hygiene and safety standards are generally low, and that management had poor appreciation of hazards and control measures.

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The report also stated there was no food safety management system in place at the Marcham Road restaurant.

Locals took to social media to express their outrage following the announcement, however many were not surprised by the verdict.

One Facebook user, Shell Wright, said: “It’s never been nice in there.”

“I stopped going a few years ago because it was so dirty.”

And diner Sarah Bailey was furious about the announcement: “Thank you Abingdon council for publishing this 36 days after your inspection.

“I was in there yesterday.”

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Others, like Irene Greening, even went on to suggest their favourite alternative Abingdon eateries.

Ms Greening urged: “Try the Abingdon hospital cafe, it is part of Munchies cafe from Steventon.

“The girls in there are fantastic, very cheerful and the place is spotless and the food is great.”

Some Abingdon residents, however, were not interested in the inspector’s verdict.

One Facebook user Terry Tomkins commented: “This would not stop me from having a Subway from there.”

Another one, Ray Brooks, agreed with him: “I eat there. I have not been ill or died.”

Earlier in January the UK-wide sandwich chain launched a plethora of brand new items on their menu, including four mini sandwiches called Toasted Bites at £1.29 each and - following the success of its vegan patty option - it introduced a meatless version of its classic Meatball Marinara sub.

This is the second time the Abingdon branch received a low score from the district council’s food hygiene inspector.

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Back in March 2015, the shop had its previously perfect score of five stars lowered to three.

A spokesperson for the franchise commented: “All Subway stores are owned and operated by independent Franchise Owners, and we expect those Franchise Owners to maintain high food safety standards in their stores.

“Since the store at Marcham Road received this rating, they have been working alongside the Environmental Health Office to ensure that all issues identified are appropriately addressed.

“The franchise owner will be organising a follow-up inspection and subsequent re-rating by the Food Standard Agency in the coming weeks.”

Other Abingdon-based restaurants that recently received low food and hygiene reports were Tiffins Tandoori, with a score of one, and Abingdon Spice, with two.