A MAN sexually abused a boy at his Oxford home for years, only stopping when he went to get married in Pakistan, a court has heard.

Sabir Hussain, of Nye Bevan Close, is accused of a string of indecent assaults and one count of rape.

The charges cover a period of years throughout the 1990s.

At the start of the 42-year-old’s trial at Oxford Crown Court today, prosecutor Nadia Chbat said the alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was sexually assaulted dozens of times from the age of 11.

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Outlining the case for the prosecution, she said: “This abuse started off as games and then developed into serious sexual offending.”

Ms Chbat told the jury most of the abuse took place in Hussain’s attic bedroom in St Mary’s Road, including the rape when the boy was around 14 years old.

The barrister described how the sexual assaults also included Hussain, who was a teenager at the time, ‘pinning’ the boy against a wall in an alleyway and performing a sex act on him, as well as making him take a bath with him and ‘kissing his feet’.

Ms Chbat added the boy, who struggled to place how old he was during all the assaults, remembered they came to an end when Hussain went to Pakistan to get married.

A police interview with the alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was played for the jury, as well the man giving evidence in court from behind a screen.

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In an emotional police interview, he said he felt ‘disgust’ at himself for going along with some of things he was asked to do but that he had not known about ‘the birds and the bees’ and whether what was happening was normal.

Asked how often it happened, he said: “So many times that it became a regular occurrence.”

He explained there had been mixed emotions throughout the abuse at Hussain’s home, saying: “I looked forward to going there because there were all these good things attached.”

The man said after he was raped he was in pain but was too afraid to tell anyone and said: “I learned to live with pain for a long time.”

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He added: “I still partially blame myself for what happened.”

Speaking in court he described how the strict household he grew up in made it difficult to say anything and describing his reaction to the rape, he said: “I was more scared than anything.”

Martin Khoshdel, defending Hussain in cross-examination, challenged why the man had not told anyone or tried to fight Hussain off, especially in the alleyway.

He asked: “Why didn’t you run away?”

The man said Hussain had been ‘bigger and stronger’ than him and he ‘wished’ he had told someone as it would have saved him ‘years of torment’. Hussain is accused of 13 counts of indecent assault against a male and one count of rape.

The trial continues tomorrow.