A RESIDENT allegedly punctured someone's tyre after leaving a passive-aggressive note about parking.

The driver made the allegation on the Spotted: Thame Facebook page yesterday, sharing a photo of the neatly-written note.

It said: "Park outside your house. Would you like it if I parked outside yours?"

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The post said: "To whoever put this on my car and punctured my tyre, I am not parking on your road or driveway, I am parking on a PUBLIC road.

"I have fitted cameras in my car so if I see anything again I will know.

"I am not parking illegally so get over it."

The anonymous poster did not state exactly where in the town they had been parked. 

Opinion was divided among commenters, with some siding with the driver and others with the author of the note.

One woman wrote: "Maybe you are making it difficult for them to access their house?

"It’s always nice to practice manners and a bit of courtesy instead of just abandoning your car anywhere that you think is 'legal'."

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However, another said: "Such t***s with nothing better to do except twitch curtains and write their notes. 

"Public road, can park what you like where you like, doesnt stop the notes though, we have quite the collection."

One woman said her tyres had also been let down despite being parked legally.

RAC guidance states: "It is perfectly legal to park outside someone’s house, unless the vehicle is blocking a driveway or a wheel is over a dropped kerb.

"Other situations in which parking isn’t permitted include streets governed by residents’ parking permits or any restrictions [such as] double yellow lines."