A CAR park has become a problem spot for drug dealing, dangerous driving and antisocial behaviour.

Police have stepped up patrols at Woodford Way Car Park in Witney, after reports of groups 'scaring' neighbours and even 'jumping up and down on car bonnets'.

Posting on the TVP West Oxfordshire Facebook page on Friday night, officers said the issue was 'affecting people's quality of life'.

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The post added: "We have been getting multiple reports recently regarding antisocial behaviour, drug dealing and dangerous driving.

"Groups are congregating at the back of the car park in their cars, loud music, jumping up and down on car bonnets and reckless driving.

"The other day we issued two section 59's however it is still continuing.

"We will patrol the area and pay passing attention when we can."

Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 provides powers regarding vehicle-related 'alarm, distress or annoyance'.

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Police can give a warning to anyone responsible and, if they repeat such behaviour, officers can seize their vehicle.

The Facebook post asked perpetrators to 'be considerate' of adults, children and animals.

It added: "You don't know what else goes on in their lives and how something like this can really affect or scare them."

The car park is run by West Oxfordshire District Council.

It is one of the smaller council-run car parks in Witney town centre, with 255 long-stay spaces.

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One Oxford Mail reader, commenting on Facebook, said: "About time they started to do something, it’s a nightmare.

"I feel sorry for all that have to hear this every night."

Another added: "Do people not remember before the multi-storey car park was there? 

"It’s always been a place for 'boy racers' to meet up."

Another noted how Witney Police Station is just a two-minute walk away, but is not open at night.