THE John Radcliffe Hospital's trust said it has 'strengthened its recruitment process' following a former board member lying to get the top job.

Peter Knight was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court today over one count of fraud by false representation for lying on his CV when he applied for the role of Chief Information and Digital Officer at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH) in 2016.

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A statement from OUH, released following the sentencing, said he worked at the trust between August 22, 2016 and September 2, 2018, ultimately resigning from the role.

It continued: "In May 2018 the trust received an anonymous allegation that Mr Knight did not have a degree which he claimed to have when he applied for the post of Chief Information and Digital Officer.

"The trust’s Chief Finance Officer reported the allegation to the Local Counter Fraud Specialist. The Trust then fully co-operated with the investigation and prosecution of Mr Knight."

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It added: "The trust’s HR Department repeatedly asked Peter Knight to provide a copy of his degree certificate but he was unable to do so.

"In August 2018, Mr Knight admitted to the trust that he did not have a degree.

"He was informed that the trust would formally investigate this matter. Mr Knight then resigned his employment with immediate effect."

The statement said Knight's role was 'non-clinical and he had no direct contact with patients', adding: "The trust has subsequently strengthened its recruitment process to ensure that it is not possible to avoid confirming the academic qualifications of applicants prior to appointment.

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"The trust also verifies key qualifications with the university, professional body or other institution which awarded the qualification.

"In line with NHS Counter Fraud Authority guidance, the Trust has applied for compensation for the costs of the investigation and for the salary paid to Mr Knight during his employment by OUH.

"Details of Mr Knight’s employment and remuneration are publicly available in the Annual Report & Accounts for the relevant financial years which are published on the Trust website here."