A YOUNG mum's love of music will help 'heal' others at a mental health hospital after plans were revealed for a music studio in her memory.

Warneford Hospital in Headington plans to install a temporary buliding for patients to make, practise and record music.

The idea was sparked by the death of Lucy Sessions, who died on August 19, 2017.

Ms Sessions was 22 when she died and had been receiving mental health support since the age of 17 – when she first became a patient at the Highfield Unit, a mental health centre for young people aged 11 to 18.

The young mum had been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder.

During her stay at Highfield, she discovered a love of music.

She had already taught herself the guitar, but in the unit's studios she learnt to play the drums and practised singing.

However, as it stands, there are no music studios for adult patients at Warneford.

Now her parents Lesley and Neil Gordon have teamed up with Oxford Health Charity to change this, and plans for 'Lucy's Rooms' have already been sent to Oxford City Council for approval.

Read about the plans here.

Oxford architects Gray Baynes and Shew have drawn up the designs for the 10m by 4m temporary building – which will be slotted onto the empty land between the hospitals historic mortuary and the plant room.

Planners at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust say it will be up for no more than five years, because in five years' time they plan on having a more permanent building dedicated to music therapy somewhere else on the site.

The block will be made wheelchair friendly with ramps, for all patients to access, and will have a small enclosed garden for patients to enjoy.

The idea is that building will up and running by the end of the year and will a fully-equipped place for mental health patients like Ms Sessions who find a release through music.

Oxford Health Charity has donated £12,000 of the £28,000 in the Lucy's Room Charity fund.

Oxford Mail:

Warneford Hospital, where Lucy's Room will be

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Her parents have helped fundraise the rest through organised events and fundraisers like collections outside supermarkets to a glitzy masked ball at The Chesterton Hotel.

Ms Gordon said: “The idea of a Lucy’s Room has been a real help for us.

“Since her death we’ve found that Lucy helped so many people.

"We’ve had strangers come up to us when we've been collecting outside Tesco telling us they were in hospital with our daughter and that she helped them so much.

“Lucy’s Room will mean that she’ll have an enduring legacy. And if it can help one person through giving them something that can truly help them – music – then her death will not seem so much in vain.

“It’s what she wished for – to help people.”

The inquest into Ms Sessions death is expected to take place in Buckinghamshire on January 29. 

Plans for 'Lucy's Room' can be found in full on the Oxford City Council planning register using the reference 19/03331/FUL