CRAFT brewer BrewDog, which has a bar on Oxford’s Cowley Road, may be feeling the pinch as thousands take part in Dry January. But they are hoping to cash in on that other January trend we hear so much about – going vegan.

The company has eyed up devotees of Veganuary and is luring them in with a new range of vegan “junk food” – plant-based wings and burgers.

The faux meat treats are made by Temple of Seitan, which creates alternatives to chicken and beef with seitan (pronounced ‘satan’) – otherwise known as wheat gluten, so bad news for coeliacs.

The items have gone on sale this week and, BrewDog says, mark it out as the UK’s most sought-after destination for vegan and vegetarian food.

“We are passionate in our mission to convince people that there exists an alternative to bland, mass-produced beer, and Temple of Seitan share that faith albeit for vegan food,” says BrewDog’s retail director, James Brown.

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“Their unique take on fried chicken and burgers are changing attitudes across the capital – and now, with us, we hope the entire UK as well. We love working with and championing people who craft their product with passion. Vegan junk food and craft beer... it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Oxford Mail:

Patrick O’Shea, co-founder of Temple of Seitan, said: “We are incredibly excited to partner up with BrewDog to feature our wings and burgers on their menu. We’ve had many opportunities to work with other establishments over the years, however what appealed about Brewdog was their shared ethics and values.

“They are fiercely independent while also supporting other independent brands and are committed to paying their staff a living wage. Most importantly for us they’re expanding their vegan range which will improve outcomes for animals, customers and our planet.

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“Our mission is to offer the comfort food many vegans still crave, and offer an alternative for meat eaters that will change their perceptions of veganism. Working with BrewDog to provide our food on their menus will allow us to do that.”

Oxford Mail:

A BrewDog spokesman said: “This bold new collaboration sees BrewDog continue to champion inclusivity, with over half the dishes on offer in every UK BrewDog Bar being plant-based, and served alongside a core beer range which is 95 per cent vegan friendly.

“With thousands of people kick-starting their New Year by participating in Veganuary, this new and exclusive alliance will give more of BrewDog’s customers than ever the chance to enjoy a plant-based diet with zero compromise on flavour.”

The vegan wings are served with hot sauce and syrup glaze.

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A January promotion currently sees all vegetarian and vegan main meals sold with 50 per cent off if customers sign up first at