Shoppers have been left bemused today after the 'Megaphone Man' took to the streets to tell them to stop reproducing. 

Activist Danny Shine has been arrested before for his unique brand of social commentary. He usually sticks to the streets of London, but today - he's in Oxford

He is an anti-climate change protestor and today he is asking shoppers to 'stop reproducing' for the sake of the planet.

The activist and YouTuber stood on the corner of Cornmarket Street and High Street outside Lloyds Bank telling passersby that reproducing is a mistake and that they should all ask their parents for compensation, because they had no choice in being born.

The Oxford Mail asked Mr Shine about the reasons behind his demonstration.

He announced each of the questions we asked through his megaphone.

Mr Shine said he has three children of his own, but added: "Obviously I should never have had children. Nobody would like to have a dad like me.

He added: "Why don't you ask your readers why they think anyone should reproduce? It is not going to end with anyone [having made] a conscious decision."

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A member of the crowd asked if he was concerned about the end of the human race as a result of no-one reproducing.

Mr Shine said: "If it did happen, if there was the end of the human race, what's the problem with that?"

Today's demonstration only took place in Oxford as Mr Shine was visiting the city on other business.