WALLINGFORD fire station has put out a recruitment call for anyone who can work during the day - including stay-at-home mums, the self employed and part-time workers.

There are currently 13 firefighters working at the busy station, which responds to fires, alarms and animal rescues as far as Oxford and Newbury, but more are required to increase the number of jobs they can attend.

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Watch manager Dan Reed said: “We would like to hear from anyone in and or around the town, but ideally anyone available to be on call during daytime hours.

“This could be a mother at home during the daytime, a shift worker, someone who is self-employed. I would like to also appeal to local businesses who would be able to release their staff to respond to emergency calls during work hours.”

Oxford Mail:

Town councillor and mayor of Wallingford Lee Upcraft joined the crew at Wallingford fire station for their weekly training evening.

He was kitted out to take part in the evening's schedule of drills and firefighter training.

Mr Upcraft said: “It’s clear that the crew of Wallingford fire station are not only committed to serving and protecting us, but that they’re a close-knit team with a strong sense of camaraderie.”

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The mayor added: “The crew are all part time, with a range of ‘day-time’ responsibilities, but I see that as a strength in teams like this so I’d encourage anybody with even a hint of flexibility in their daily schedule to get in touch with Dan and the team to see if you’d be able to help.

“Wallingford is fortunate to have a fire station and crew on hand – nobody wants to use it, but I’m certain we don’t want to lose it either. It can only survive if more volunteers come forward, so please consider it. It is a serious business, but I’ve seen first-hand just how hard they work at making it fun too, and Wallingford needs you.”

Oxford Mail:

Claire Morris is an on call firefighter at Wallingford and said although there are aspects of her role 'that can be tough physically and mentally', she 'loves' the job.

She said: “I was taken out of my comfort zone and often doubted myself throughout my early part of my career but I knew I was fit and strong enough to keep up with the men so I just had to keep working hard.

“Six years on and I love being a firefighter. I am really proud of what I have achieved."

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She added: “The crew that I work alongside are fantastic, we help and support each other when needed. I have many commitments in my life but still fit in being a firefighter, it has been a fantastic experience for me and I recommend you give it a go.”

To apply you need to be at least 18 years old and work or live within five minutes of the station. Training is every Wednesday evening, from 7-9pm, and anyone interested can attend for an informal chat.

Visit www.oxfordshire.gov.uk./oncallfirefighters for more info.