UPDATE: A major police and ambulance response was noticed at a sports and leisure centre following a 'medical emergency' at the premises.

A helicopter, two police cars and two ambulances arrived at the scene at 7.20 this evening ouside Spiceball Leisure Centre in Banbury.

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While the nature of the incident has not been confirmed yet, a Banbury resident posted on the Facebook page Banburyshire Info: "I take my hat off to all the employees and lifeguards, who were very professional in an emergency and tried to make sure, as best they could, that the children didn't see anything distressing.

"I hope the gentleman makes a full recovery."

A fitness instructor from the centre Lewis confirmed the incident occurred on the premises.

He said: "It is connected with Spiceball but I can't tell you any details".

Police have closed off Cherwell Avenue, the main road next to the centre, a driver said.