A ZEBRA crossing and traffic calming measures will be placed on a road between two Oxfordshire villages.

Hanney Road in Steventon will have a zebra crossing and speed cushions placed along the road.

This will allow residents living on the road, mainly elderly people, as well as young families living at a new David Wilson housing estate, to cross the road with safety.

Oxfordshire County Council's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance, approved plans for the new crossing at a meeting on Thursday last week.

Ms Constance heard from Christopher Wilding of Steventon Parish Council, who spoke to support plans to change the road layout

Mr Wilding said the road is often used by large lorries travelling to and from businesses based further west along the road.

He said traffic calming measures would give people of all ages a safe route over the road.

The new crossing will be built near the junction between Hanney Road and Barnett Road.

A report for the cabinet member said this would be the best location to help families who are crossing the road to walk to St Michael's Primary School in the morning and afternoon.